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The Money Is Out There

I am a huge fan of Warren Buffett.  In my other, or next, life, I would love to emulate his mindset and business.  I fell in love with the stock market in 2003 and have been learning more and more ever since.  Some years were not eventful and other years did really well for me. […]

Give It Your All In 2017

When we look back on 2016, we may have had some ups and some downs, and some things may not have gone our way completely.  It’s often a good time to reflect on where we have come and to think about where we want to go.  Who do we truly want to be?  Who do […]

What I Have Been Working On

I have been pretty nonexistent lately.  I was super motivated to recreate Inspire Your Legacy, but then I sort of fell off the wagon.  Between work being busy throughout April, May, and the beginning of June, to going on a short vacation, to just being busy in general, I never gave this website much attention.  […]

New Savings Account Opened

Today, while I was at the bank early in the morning I decided to take a minute and opened a separate savings account dedicated to The $0 Legacy Challenge.  I did this to separate the money within the challenge to its own account, whereas before I had it all lumped into the rest of the […]

Dave Ramsey’s Smart Money Tour

Last week, a friend and I had the opportunity to attend Dave Ramsey’s Smart Money Tour in Washington DC.  I have been a fan of Dave Ramsey for quite awhile so it was a very cool experience being able to go to something like that and actually see him in person.  I’ve watched many of […]

My Investing Journey

If I had to give you a choice for my biggest passion this far in my life I would say that it would be investing.  It is something that has completely changed my life in more ways than one and I find it so fascinating that you can literally go out there and buy partial […]

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