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What I Have Been Working On

I have been pretty nonexistent lately.  I was super motivated to recreate Inspire Your Legacy, but then I sort of fell off the wagon.  Between work being busy throughout April, May, and the beginning of June, to going on a short vacation, to just being busy in general, I never gave this website much attention.  […]

New Savings Account Opened

Today, while I was at the bank early in the morning I decided to take a minute and opened a separate savings account dedicated to The $0 Legacy Challenge.  I did this to separate the money within the challenge to its own account, whereas before I had it all lumped into the rest of the […]

Dave Ramsey’s Smart Money Tour

Last week, a friend and I had the opportunity to attend Dave Ramsey’s Smart Money Tour in Washington DC.  I have been a fan of Dave Ramsey for quite awhile so it was a very cool experience being able to go to something like that and actually see him in person.  I’ve watched many of […]

My Investing Journey

If I had to give you a choice for my biggest passion this far in my life I would say that it would be investing.  It is something that has completely changed my life in more ways than one and I find it so fascinating that you can literally go out there and buy partial […]

Introducing The $0 Legacy Challenge

I am naturally a risk-averse person.  I tend to seek out value and usually over analyze something to the point that I either talk myself out of it or end up doing nothing.  When I’m making an investment in something I have to make sure that it feels like a good purchase because I don’t […]

Get Started Doing Something

For several years I have wanted to start a business.  I have tried and failed at many things, too many to count or even remember having virtually no success with any of them.  I have started businesses with websites or tried to go out there and do things on my own.  The problem was that […]

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